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Comparison Of Our Protection Plans

Our services are backed by an ever increasing network of authorized service partners.

Our service partners are technically competent, regularly trained, audited and ranked to deliver excellent support to you.

Just approach our technical centre for reporting any defect with your product. Your complaint will be recorded and the nearest service centre will be informed to take action as soon as possible.

Currently, we offer support in over 300 cities.

Call Center Support features:

  • 6 days a week, 8 Hours a day
  • Optional Toll Free customer service through Private and client branded lines
  • 80% of calls answered within 20 seconds
  • Less than 1% abandonment rate
  • Bilingual call center staff
  • Custom reporting
  • Claims adjudication & payment
  • Service dispatching
  • Very high customer problems resolution at first connect
  • Voice and email support

Frequently Asked Questions

You love your product and it is more likely to fail as it is used.

Electronics Hardware Technology is getting hugely integrated and complex. In out of warranty conditions, the cost of repairs (Labor Charges + Cost of Parts) are very high; many times it becomes unaffordable forcing you to scrap it and buy a new product. And in some cases, due to non-availability of certain parts, you have no option but to buy a new product.

InfyShield Service Plans provides protection against such high costs by extending the services with a low fixed cost. We don't stop there: if due to any of the above reasons, there is a need to replace the product, we bear the whole cost. InfyShield Service Plans therefore get you Total Protection.

Yes, InfyShield Extended Warranty Service Plan covers all electrical and mechanical parts which are necessary for the product to function whereas InfyShield Accidental Damage Protection Plan is a comprehensive service which covers all accidentally damaged parts.

It is important for you to know that damage or defects caused by unauthorized repair, incorrect installation, theft, burglary, accident, terrorism, abuse or misuse of the product, fire, use on an incorrect voltage, power dips, poor environmental operating conditions, thunderstorm, household pets, rats, cockroaches or any other animals or insects, Force Majeure etc. are not covered. The plans also do not cover accessories, consumables, external items etc. e.g. external cables, toner, cartridges, batteries, chargers, adapters etc. Specific exclusions related to certain products may also apply. You must read the terms and conditions of your Service Plan very carefully before requesting for service. Those services and parts which are not covered in part or full in the Service Plan are charged extra. For any doubts or clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

This is an important question. Here's what you should consider:

  • Review whether you actually need a service plan e.g. you should check whether your product is covered under some other service plan or insurance.
  • Short term service plans are costlier. For example, a one year extended service plan and renewing it for another year will be costlier than directly buying a 2 years Extended Warranty Service Plan.
  • Buy the service plans at the first available opportunity. The Accidental Damage Protection plan cannot be purchased at a later date and buying the Extended Warranty Plan at the time of product purchase will be cheaper than buying the same towards the end of the standard warranty period.
  • Look at the profile of the promoters of the warranty provider. Professionals in the customer service industry will be most suited to understand your service needs. Don't fall for the wrong warranty service provider.
  • Be careful and read all inclusions and exclusions i.e. what is covered and what is not covered under your selected InfyShield Service Plan.

If you have any questions or concerns, you must share them with us. You should buy the Service Plans only after assuring yourself on your purchase.

All Extended Warranty Service Plans can be purchased only within a specified limit (normally within 15-30 days) from the date of purchase of your product.

All Accidental Damage Protection Plans or any plans which have such coverage can be bought only on the same day of product purchase.

We recommend you to buy InfyShield at the very first available opportunity i.e. at the time of purchasing your product itself to save costs.

The whole objective of InfyShield's Service Plans is to provide you uninterrupted services to your product in case it develops a defect or is accidentally damaged.
Services under InfyShield's Extended Warranty Service Plan commence from the very next day when your product manufacturer's warranty expires.
Services under Accidental Damage Protection Plan commence from the date of purchase of your product unless your product is already covered for Accidental Protection by the manufacturer. In such a case the Accidental Damage Protection Plan shall also start from the very next day the manufacturer’s coverage expires.

How to avail service -

It is simple but before you panic and call us, we recommend you to check that the malfunctioning of your product is not due to external sources like network signals, incorrect settings, internet connectivity, improper power supply etc. This will help you resolve the problem quickly.

If your equipment still malfunctions, please contact our Service Desk as per details mentioned in the Contact Us section of our website or on the InfyShield Plan you have purchased.

If your equipment is damaged due to accidental damage, please contact our Service Desk. A small service order charge is required to be paid after logging the service request. The service order charge is higher of Rs 500 or 10% of the product purchase price. After receiving your service request, we will respond quickly to solve the problem through our call centre.

After receiving your service request, we will respond quickly to solve the problem through our call centre. If the problem is not solved, we will depute our technician to visit you (in case of On-site Service Plan) or you will have to take your product along with a copy of proof of this plan to the nearest authorized service center (in case of Carry-in Service Plan).

Please Note: Do not carry your product directly to any service centre whether or not authorized by us without prior approval of our Service Desk. This is to ensure you get services to the best of our efforts and updated contacts list.

Yes, registration is mandatory for us to know your product description, your contact details, location, warranty start & end dates etc. This ensures that we will be able to plan and equip ourselves to deliver you excellent service as and when you need it.

You should register your service plan at the very first available opportunity which may be at the time of purchase of InfyShield and you must register within 3 business days of purchase of InfyShield to get uninterrupted services. We are not obligated to provide services to the products whose InfyShield Service Plan is NOT registered with us within specified timelines.

Registration can be done in the following simple ways:

  • By visiting the Register section on our website -
  • By sending the registration form along-with a copy of the invoice of your product and the service plan through an email at -
  • By sending Registration Form along-with a copy of invoices of your product and the service plan by Pre-Paid Post / Courier to our Registration Department.

To register your InfyShield Service Plan, we will need a clear scanned copy, photograph or a photocopy of the invoice of the purchase of your product which should have the product details including Purchase Price (Including Tax), Serial Number, IMEI number (if applicable), make, model etc. and a copy of proof of purchase of InfyShield in case you bought it as a standalone product.

Separate details of associated product is necessary e.g. Monitor Unit with a Desktop Computer, Indoor Unit of a Split Air Conditioner if bought together with the Outdoor Unit etc.

This is an unlikely situation because services are rendered by Authorised Service Centres only. However, in such a situation, we will replace your product with an equivalent model with similar or better specification of same or similar make at our own discretion as per terms and conditions of the Service Plan document.

We are thankful for your faith in InfyShield but regret to inform you that InfyShield Service Plans can be purchased for products purchased in India only and those which have manufacturer's warranty coverage available in India. However, please leave the description of your product including make, model, serial number, product condition, your contact details etc. in our Contact Form. We will contact you once we have a solution for you.

About InfyShield Extended Warranty

InfyShield is an Extended Warranty Solution from Infinity Assurance Solutions Private Limited. InfyShield Extended Warranty Service Plans are available for a wide variety of products which have electrical, electronic and mechanical parts & components and are prone to Hardware Defects. The product categories include IT, Office Automation, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Durables, Mobility, Security & Surveillance, Networking, Cameras etc. InfyShield offers an impressive range of service plans, programs and technology that is created to meet the needs of our customers.

Headquarted in New Delhi, India, Infinity Assurance Solutions is the leading Warranty and Extended Warranty Service provider of India. Promoted by the most experienced After-Market-Services professionals, we deliver the Best Customer Service experience to Indian consumers. We have decades of national and international experience in Customer Service delivery for Technology products.

We pride ourselves in delivering services that are consistent and reliable, and the solutions which are flexible and open enough to meet any customer's requirements.

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